It’s all a question of weaning…

So last weekend we started weaning Edie. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. Another rite of passage, another stepping our little lady’s life. I’ve had my BabyBullet ready for months ( a present) and I must admit I’ve been all Martha Stewart whenever anyone mentions weaning I’ve been picturing myself smugly making all kinds of nutritious delicious meals for her as she bounces in her high chair and thinks Mammy is a cross between Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson.

But. And there is a but, weaning is a funny thing. What nobody tells you is that researching the right or best way start weaning is like picking a diamond out of the ocean.

Every single thing I read about it on the internet, and from the BabyBullet manual gave me different information – start them on veggies only, don’t start them on veggies only. Make sure you give them rice, don’t give them rice they’ll get an allergy. Babies need a few food groups from 6 months. They only need fruit and veg to start. Forget about the fruit, they’ll never eat their veg! 

Truly, it’s a minefield, and so hard to know how to start. But wait I thought, I got a HSE booklet on weaning from the Public Health nurse. It’s bound to have information like meal planners, week one purees, and other useful information right? Wrong. All it gave me was a recipe for a stew , some rough (and overly cautious) weaning timelines and a few paragraphs about over boiling veg. Not exactly useful then, no.

Some friends of mine had told me about Annabel Karmel, known to some as the Weaning Queen ( yes really). I picked up a copy of Quick and Easy Weaning (Ebury Press) and read it from cover to cover. And a few puree recipes aside, my initial reaction was a bit Meh to be honest. Don’t get me wrong she does great recipes for bigger babas, but I didn’t feel that she spent much time on a babas first tastes, and the introduction of food which is what we were so nervous about. The one great plus was that she did give an example of how a Mama might start one solid meal the first week, two the next week etc. Really simple, but the kind of vital information we needed, and couldn’t really get anywhere.

So the Bank Holiday weekend came and as StyleLivingDada was off, I thought it was a perfect time to start weaning her. We chatted about it together and he found it all as confusing as I did. We decided that we’d go with a sweet potatoe puree to start with. We’d spend two days on the sweet potato and then move to a fruit puree and then back to a root veg and then a fruit again hoping that she’d pick up on a number of sweet and savoury tastes in her first week of solids.

We’re now on day three and I can confirm that all is well! A few funny faces aside and a lot of spit and orange on my rug later, we’re both pretty pleased with how its going. Of course, we still don’t quite know what we’re doing – but maybe thats the thing. Maybe we want a manual for everything now when really we should trust our instincts more, and just go with the flow. Parenting eh, just when you think you’re getting a grip on things really you’re still just learning like everybody else.


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Denise Friar started writing StyleLivingMama while on maternity leave after having her first daughter, Edie. Denise is married to Adrian and works in Communications in Dublin, Ireland. She loves style, interiors and Boost bars ( in no particular order)

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