Mamas to the teething rescue!


Today, nutritionally has been excellent. An eighth of a banana, two mouthfuls of pear and blackberry puree and about five peas.  Hardly a surprise then that Edie can’t sleep!

She does this thing when she doesn’t want whats on the spoon. Looks to her left, looks to her right. Repeat, and bites her top lip.  In short, there ain’t no way I’m getting anything in.

It’s the teeth, I tell my husband.  And truth is that when she won’t eat a morsel teething is most likely the problem.

It’s a funny thing, teething.  According to everyone I know, it affects each baby in different ways. Some get it hard, some solider on and don’t even flinch as a new molar breaks through.

Poor Edie, I’m afraid has been having it rather tough. Our little lady usually loves her brekkie, dinners and tea and in most cases I’m counting the peas she has left on her plate rather than the ones she has eaten. Not the case at the moment though.

So teeth wise, current situ is that we are two in, eighteen to go. It’s hard to watch her in so much pain, and when she’s chomping on her little hands instead of her teethers, it makes me feel so helpless.

While I haven’t found any of the over the counter remedies that spectacular there are a few things that I’ve stumbled upon that really seem to give her some relief from the nashers for a while.

Cold oranges – Peel and cut up an orange and put it in a freezer bag in the fridge for up to 3 hours. When you take it out cut it up and give it to her in her hand to suck. sweet and cold is a winning combination for momentary relief it seems.

Teething rings in the freezer – You need to be careful with this tip to avoid any Dumb and Dumber ice accidents happening with their little lips. If you are going to freeze them it needs to be for a short time (say 15 minutes), always make sure they are in a freezer bag and when you take them out hold them while your baby bites. An old tip but one that makes Edie kick her legs in excitement when she sees me take them out of the freezer so it must work!

The Power of distraction – This single tip has had the most impact for me while Edie has been teething.  Learning to distract them from the pain is a real winner. When Edie isn’t teething her sleeping routine is like very straightforward. Feed me, play with me, put me to sleep is the way it usually works in this house, except for when teething strikes.

Simple as it seems one of the best distractions is bringing her for a walk at the time that she is due a nap. This mightn’t work for everyone but it’s been a winner for us.

My neighbour got me onto this as her little man isn’t a sleepers the fresh air really helps him to relax and conk out. If you can’t get out for a walk try more stories and playing.

If you have a little person who is currently being challenged tooth wise, try these tips and see if they work for you.  If you have any other tips that have been working for you please share the love! Afterall, she’s going to get sick of oranges soon..



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Denise Friar started writing StyleLivingMama while on maternity leave after having her first daughter, Edie. Denise is married to Adrian and works in communications in Dublin, Ireland. She loves style, interiors and Boost bars ( in no particular order)

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