Water based moisturiser that suits the driest of skin types

I love skincare, there I said it.  In a world where the latest palette is as exciting as a state visit from Justin Trudeau, testing little pots of cream is still what floats my boat.

Skincare, and getting it right can be tough though.  The market is a flood with moisturisers that don’t work for ultra dry skinned folk like me, and then there’s the question of price. If you have lots of cash to spend, you can sort the bad from the good and get a really great moisturiser after some trial and error.  But in my case, post baba with funds tight, it was time to readjust the spending and find myself a hydrating cream that would see me through a non spendy maternity leave and beyond. Add my fussiness to the equation and finding good affordable skincare isn’t an easy game. But gals on this occasion I got lucky.

A few months ago I got some PR samples of Uriage Light Water Cream. To be honest I had seen the brand in chemists but didn’t know a lot about it, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I tired it one morning while one handedly dressing Edie, and I loved it. It’s a cream but feels very like a gel and it absorbs instantly,  and leaves you with a calming cooling effect. Feeling like it was too good to be true, I slathering on some foundation right after applying, just to you know make sure it was as good as it seemed.  I wasn’t disappointed. My foundation didn’t slide off my face and my skin didn’t feel tight, just hydrated – almost like I had just washed it in some kind of quick drying yogurt that second.

There is of course lots of science behind why this product works so well, and the press release boasts that its water comes from the French Alps and that it gradually releases the moisturising agents contained in the water cream.  I don’t know much about either of those but I do know that it genuinely works. It’s a good price point too at 21.50e its affordable, and is available in chemists nationwide.

This product is a triumph in terms of affordable skincare that, pick it up and see for yourself.


*This post was not sponsored.


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Denise Friar started writing StyleLivingMama while on maternity leave after having her first daughter, Edie. Denise is married to Adrian and works in communications in Dublin, Ireland. She loves style, interiors and Boost bars ( in no particular order)

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