Saying Bye Bye to baby ezcema

Ezcema is a funny thing, it comes and goes without warning.  Waiting for it to leave is tiresome, and itchy.  Very very itchy.

I’ve had eczema since I was a baby, and when I was younger it really bothered me particularly in the Summer time.  Although it still annoys me sometimes, I know I can keep it to a minimum if I lay off dairy a little bit and use products that I now know are less likely to aggravate me ( more on that again….).

When we had Edie, it soon became apparent that she inherited my dry skin problems, and so I knew I needed to find a baby range to help keep it at bay for her, and that was harder than it seemed.

Eczema is a common complaint for babies, and most of them grow out of it so I was surprised that while there was a plethora of  brands that pitch themselves in the sensitive skin baby products market, there were few who laid any claims of getting rid of eczema.

I tried Silcocks Base as a moisturiser and Aveeno Baby products for sensitive skin to start with, but to be honest I didn’t love either of them.  And, to be on the safe side and try to avoid breakouts, I knew I had to steer clear of bigger supermarket brands too, which meant no bubbles in the bath!  Most sensitive skin ranges don’t have bubbles, which is fine for adults but when you’re a baby you’ve GOT to have bubbles in the bath, right?

Then on a trip up North to see Adrian’s parents we went to Asda to get some groceries, and in the baby aisle I came across a range of baby products that were designed for ‘ezcema prone skin’.  I was amazed to see the extend of the range – there must have been at least six or seven different washes on the shelf, as well as suncare, shampoo and baby oil from the same brand.  On the off chance that they might work I stocked up getting bubble bath, moisturiser, and a gentler newborn bath gel.

Then something unexpected happened.  We bathed Edie that night using the products, and through the week and hand on heart – her ezcema disappeared within days. Four or five months on, I’m delighted to say that her skin is as good as ever.  Honestly as someone who has had ezcema all my life, I’m amazed at the results.

I’ve since found out that the brand is stocked here in larger Boots and in Lloyds Pharmacy as well as online at  The products are made from naturally derived ingredients, contain lots of lovely organic fruits and essential oils ( and smell gorgeous) and are paraben free.  They’ve just launched a new wipes range ( which I have yet to try).  I’m looking forward to trying them out because I find that using ordinary wipes on Edie’s cheeks can irritate.

I’m using the tangerine bubble bath myself in the shower now, and as well as it being kind to my skin I love the smell.  We love the moisturiser too which smells like grapefruit!

And finally, yes I can confirm, we now have bubbles – lots of them!



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Denise Friar started writing StyleLivingMama while on maternity leave after having her first daughter, Edie. Denise is married to Adrian and works in communications in Dublin, Ireland. She loves style, interiors and Boost bars ( in no particular order)

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