Natural skincare focus: Trilogy Age Proof Serum

When I ran out of my usual serum a few months ago, I decided it was time to switch things up a bit. My skin was badly in need of some tender loving care as it had started to look as grey as my roots on the third week of the month ( and that’s grey…)

Scrolling on Cloud10beauty, I really didn’t know what to go for other than knowing that I needed something that would be age appropriate for my skin (magically return the plumpness please) and something brightening to make me look like I’d slept in 2018.


I’ve always loved natural products and as a fan of Trilogy Rosehip Oil I decided to give their Age Proof Nutrient Plus Firming Serum a try.

For starters I found that it works a dream under  a moisturiser, it’s fluid – very light and dewy.  I was impressed that within a week or it made my skin feel like it had been given some sort of life again – hurray! The price too is good, at 32.95e it’s almost half the price of the last serum that I wasn’t happy with.

Now on my second bottle I’m continuing to feel like the serum really does suit my skin, and I can still see the same brightening and plumping effects.  I’ve also fallen back in love with Trilogy as a natural brand ( did you see that they did a beach clean up at the weekend in Greystones? What a lovely thing for a natural brand to be doing) and I’ve reinvested in more Trilogy products. I’m trialling the new Rosehip Cleansing Oil at the moment and so far I’m really liking it’s gentle, soothing formula.

I’ve also discovered that a whole line of Age Proof products exist, all of which are on my shopping list.  If you honestly want a smoothing, gentle serum that gives quick results on aging skin, this is a great buy.

Trilogy products are available from Cloud10 Beauty and Sam McCauley pharmacies, and other good chemists and health food shops.