Natural skincare focus: Trilogy Age Proof Serum

When I ran out of my usual serum a few months ago, I decided it was time to switch things up a bit. My skin was badly in need of some tender loving care as it had started to look as grey as my roots on the third week of the month ( and that’s grey…)

Scrolling on Cloud10beauty, I really didn’t know what to go for other than knowing that I needed something that would be age appropriate for my skin (magically return the plumpness please) and something brightening to make me look like I’d slept in 2018.


I’ve always loved natural products and as a fan of Trilogy Rosehip Oil I decided to give their Age Proof Nutrient Plus Firming Serum a try.

For starters I found that it works a dream under  a moisturiser, it’s fluid – very light and dewy.  I was impressed that within a week or it made my skin feel like it had been given some sort of life again – hurray! The price too is good, at 32.95e it’s almost half the price of the last serum that I wasn’t happy with.

Now on my second bottle I’m continuing to feel like the serum really does suit my skin, and I can still see the same brightening and plumping effects.  I’ve also fallen back in love with Trilogy as a natural brand ( did you see that they did a beach clean up at the weekend in Greystones? What a lovely thing for a natural brand to be doing) and I’ve reinvested in more Trilogy products. I’m trialling the new Rosehip Cleansing Oil at the moment and so far I’m really liking it’s gentle, soothing formula.

I’ve also discovered that a whole line of Age Proof products exist, all of which are on my shopping list.  If you honestly want a smoothing, gentle serum that gives quick results on aging skin, this is a great buy.

Trilogy products are available from Cloud10 Beauty and Sam McCauley pharmacies, and other good chemists and health food shops.





Cooling Water Masks from Uriage ticks all the hydration boxes

I’m a simple soul when it comes to beauty – I want value for money products that really work and that are easy for me to pick up.

Lately my skin has been a right mess, we’ve recently moved house and lets just say I’ve been a little bit more lack lustre than usual with my skincare routine.  A pick me up was just what I needed so when I was sent the new Uriage Water Sleeping Mask, I stuck it straight on that night with high hopes of a miracle.

I’m a big fan of this French brand, it appeals to me because it’s mid ranged pricing suits my less than full pockets, it’s readily available in my local chemist but mostly I’m a fan because the products work, and the sleeping mask stays true to form here, I loved it.

Priced at 19e, this silky gel based mask claims to rehydrate even the driest of Winter skin, and it’s not lying. I’ve had it a fortnight, have used it every second or third night and I can visably see a difference in my tired mammy skin.

The other good news here is that a little of this product goes a long way. My beauty budget is small these days but I do like to invest in quality so when this runs out I’ll be buying it, a great little product for tired, dry skin that needs a little tlc.

Uriage Water Sleeping Mask is available from, and select pharmacies around the country.  You can read more about my reviews of other Uriage products here.

Get dry hands and nails autumn ready

I don’t know about you but as I get older the quest for soft hands and nails seems to be getting harder.  Between baby bottles and a bit of ezcema/psoriasis my hands are quite dry and a little bit worse for wear most of the time, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I always seem to need a very strong hand cream to make them look any way presentable.

The problem with strong handcreams as I like to call them ( you know the kind – unperfumed medicated thicker creams you might pick up in the chemist) is that they often don’t feel luxurious.  I love skin care, and body creams in general and because of that I want products to feel like a little bit of a treat, an indulgence.

I like something with a little bit of a smell, as well as that nice feeling that your hands have been soaked in something comforting and rejuvenating.  Surprisingly it’s not so easy to find that even in a market that is awash with all sorts of hand creams and lotions.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were out shopping when I stopped to try on some of the Clarins Mandarin leaf scented Hand and Nail Treatment cream at a counter.  As someone with a bit of a hand cream addiction I wanted to try before buying so I lathered some on and walked away without picking it up that day.

In the time that lapsed between us leaving the shop and getting into the car I was hooked.  The citrusy plant based aroma, as well as a gorgeous instant deep soakage (without the greasiness) meant that it was a pretty perfect buy for me.

Autumn ready hands and nails 

The creams are mini 30ml tubes and come in different citrus scents, the bad news is that they are limited edition and when I went to buy more in Arnotts last week they didn’t have any in stock.  The good news is that when I read a little bit about them I found out that they are just a perfumed variant of the original Clarins Hand and Nail treatment which has been around forever and is available as a constant staple from Clarins counters.

Although it’s not a budget product, this is an absolute star buy – genuinley a joy to use.

Since I’ve started using it my hands are generally softer and my nails seems less jagged. Clarins Hand and Nail treatment is available at Clarins counters nationwide.

PS. If you’re lucky enough to come across the citrus mini special editions pick them up, you won’t be disappointed.


Three budget beauty buys to invest in

Pre Edie I was a beauty marketers dream. I bought most of my make up and skincare from beauty halls in department stores and at the first mention of a new shiny mascara I was handing over oodles of my hard earned cash to try whatever the latest beauty press release was selling me.

While I’m still a sucker for beautiful packaging and for spending a morning lingering around the Beauty halls, now that I’m a mama its fair to say that my purse strings have had some readjusting over the past 10 months, making me more of a beauty bargain hunter when it comes to my skin and beauty routine.

And that hasn’t been a bad thing. Mornings spent researching and then hunting for star buys at a fraction of beauty hall prices has opened my eyes to some really great everyday brands that offer high end beauty results.

Here are three of my favourites:

Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara 12.99

My name is Denise and until now I’ve always been a mascara snob. There, I’ve said it. Certainly until I bought this mascara on the recommendation of a friend I’ve always forked out up to thirty euro on high end mascaras believing all cheaper chemist brands to be clumpy and drying.  I was wrong, wrong, wrong. This one is a great find – at 12.99 it’s affordable, has a defined wand to make sure you get all of those lashes one by one and in my experience doesn’t clump. I look, and feel awake when I’ve got this on. That to me is what I want from a mascara.  It does what it says on the tin, it’s great for adding volume and it’s got a nifty little mirror on the side too, handy for applying make up on the bus as I do frequently.  In my experience it’s as good as any of the Lancome mascaras I’ve been forking out wads of money for up until now.  Total  best buy find, available in chemists nationwide.

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil  7.50 for 200ml 

Shower oil is a product I discovered when I was pregnant. I loved the luxury of using an oil in the shower instantly and the chances of me moving back to a normal shower gel are now slim because as someone with dry skin, I really feel that using an oil is really nourishing, and certainly for me, takes the cardboard skin feeling away when I step out of the shower.

Admittedly I started my foray into shower oil with a luxury L’Occitaine gift, their Almond Oil if your pockets allow, is sublime. I’ve long been a Bioderma fan, and for me their Hydrabio range is excellent for dry skin ( and was especially perfect for me post baby when I needed the hydration most).  At 7.50 for 200ml this product, their Atoderm Shower Oil is nothing short of exquisite – hydrating, soft and feels as luxurious as some of the high end oils – I just wouldn’t be without it.  At a fraction of the cost of these luxury shower oils, it really is a star buy.  Available in select chemists nationwide.

Lacura Nail Strengthener (Aldi brand) 4.99 Aldi supermarkets nationwide 

Making baby bottles is not conducive to having nails, not nice nails, but just actually having any sort of nails. My nails were brittle to begin with but post baby they have the same consistency as a book from the 80s. I came across this Lacura nail strengthener one day in Aldi and I’ve been using it since. Since using it my nails aren’t as brittle, don’t break as often and it makes for a nice base coat and top coat too. Multi functional, and cheap as chips – a winner in my books.