Letting the light in

So it’s January, a difficult month for most of us.  As I sit down to write this, I’m no different. The Christmas lights came down more than a week ago, and it’s funny but the warmth they added to our home has me missing them terribly.  Suddenly we’re left with cables to hide, cobwebs to clean and pieces of glitter that don’t hoover up.  The corner over by the mantle piece is redundant and devoid of pine needles and the rooms smells all the less for it.  Out came the Christmas box and just like that, the little glow that helps us to feel cosy and content in the darkest of days is gone for another year.

Replacing this warm fuzzy glow with talk of changing everything about ourselves in the quest for perfection, has never made much sense to me.  Glittery lights, and that sweet pine smell with a side of frankincense candles wins every time.  These past few years I’ve always seemed to embrace the end of Winter, maybe not with a sense of gusto but certainly with a positive attitude.

Late spring last year

But this year is a little different, truthfully as I write this I must admit that I’m feeling a little January pressure – to have big plans, to be a little better at doing more, to take charge and be on top of everything all at once. That’s daunting because let’s be honest,  it’s unlikely that I’ll manage a fraction of these.

But along with this tummy turning sense of newness, January does have its moments too.

The little stretch in the evenings is such a cliche, but it’s something that I love.  At quarter past four yesterday I heard a bird churning out the Spring song they sing.  The Saturday evening light was dimming when I peeped out through my blinds to see her sing, but it seemed less navy, brighter.  I’ll take that.  A friend sent me a message the other day to say she has a daffodil poking up in the garden, reminding me that it won’t be long before the grass starts getting greener in every sense of the word.

Not quite time to smell the roses yet, but soon!

As I type this, I can see myself in my reflection on the screen.

Again the brightness coming through making beautiful shadows.  Perhaps it is an omen for 2018 and what if letting the light in is the only thing to focus on.  I’ll try that and surely the grass will push through shortly after that.